Visual Journalist & Content Manager | Gerald Holubowicz
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Visual Journalist, digital project manager, content manager working on Digital Storytelling, Interactive Journalism & Non-fiction Narrative Design, author and lecturer, I’m passionately exploring new digital storytelling frontiers because I believe that progress comes with a good information and education.


In the past years, I’ve created and directed a small interactive studio called Chewbahat for about 4 years that won the Web Trophy at the Bayeux War Correspondant Festival in 2014 for “Grozny:Nine Cities. Since it’s inception, I’m the president of Storycode Paris (a group focusing on digital storytelling and digital transformation of societies) that he co-founded back in 2012.


Previously, I worked as photojournalist for more than 12 years for various world renowned photo agencies such as Laif, Polaris images or Abaca in France and in the U.S, covering every day, political, economical and entertainment news among other things. This career provided me with a well rounded understanding of how to bridge the gap between visual journalism, technology & storytelling. (visit my portfolio)


All along these years, I participated to other projects like the creation and launching of the professional mailing list for French photographers “EP France” (190 members and counting) and the creation and launching of Haytham Pictures photo agency for which I created the visual identity and selected the first batch of photographers.
I’m now working – as a side project – on where I explore innovative digital storytelling forms for non-fiction work and new workflow methodologies.


Visual Journalist | Digital Project Manager & Content Manager |
Lecturer & Conference organiser


I’ve been the lead author and co-director of “Moneyocracy“, a Transmedia documentary about Political Campaign Finance Laws in the U.S published on “” in 2012 and available on & VHX. Later on, my work as producer and interactive designer on the interactive documentary “Grozny: 9 Cities” has lead me to receive the 2014 Web Journalism Trophy at the prestigious Bayeux War Correspondent Festival.


Since 2010, I committed myself to share this passion for journalism, storytelling and new media and by teaching interactive storytelling and interactive journalism courses in various schools such as the Journalism school of Sciences Po Paris, Sciences Po Annecy (Transmedia Master degree), the CFJ and CFPJ schools (Paris), INA (French National Institute of Audiovisual), the EJDG journalism school of the Stendhal University (in Grenoble) and at EMI-CFD Paris among others.