About me.

About me.

If you need to know what I did before, you will find all the necessary information right here.
Digital content strategist, I put my rich background of multiple influences at your service.
I love storytelling

Visual Journalist in Mutation

Journalist by training, digital content strategist and creator of interactive storytelling, I assist editorial and creative teams to translate their project into a digital reality. Ten years of photojournalism and as much in the new media ecosystem as a producer and editorial manager of digital content helped me recognize the challenges that digital media transformation poses to journalism and digital creation. President and co-founder of Storycode Paris, I organized and hosted for nearly 4 years, conferences and creative workshops on transmedia narration and digital innovation that gathered hundreds of people from the industry.

My collaboration with Racontr.com, creator of the eponymous software, allowed me to work as a digital project manager on various projects. Some of them were conducted for Enedis, "l'Ademe", Total, Coca-Cola, Doctor without Borders, Orrick Rambaud Martel or  "La Foundation Abbé Pierre". Convinced that design methodologies such as UX design or Design Thinking improve the chances of success of a project, I openly advocate for their adoption within editorial departments and with digital creators.

That being said, I've co-founded UX for News, an initiative that promotes the use and adoption of design methods and more specifically user experience design (UX) in the media. I also opened Journalism.design in an effort to better understand what design means for journalism. In charge of the "Social Media Skills" courses at the Media Center of the Journalism School of Science Po Paris since 2016, I've also taught since 2010 "Interactive Journalism" courses in different journalism schools and institutions such as l'INA, the CFJ, and many others.
I firmly believe the internet and the digital realm are the new frontiers where journalism should go boldly with one goal in mind: create more engaging and empathetic stories for an ever more demanding audience.
Teaching &

I've always been into design, but I didn't always know that. From my childhood when my dad was teaching me how to draw things and how to make them up until the thinking and creation of a transmedia documentary, I guess I never stopped designing creative products.

Gerald Holubowicz
Full Biography

From Silver grains to Digital

Back in 2011, I founded and directed a small interactive studio called Chewbahat for about 4 years. I've also founded and directed Storycode Paris (a group focusing on digital storytelling, transmedia techniques and digital transformation of societies) from 2012 to 2016. During that time, I've organized or supervised more than 30 conferences and workshops and helped to launch the Storycode brand in France and in other European countries. I've also been close of the i-docs symposium since the beginning where I was invited in many occasions to talk about new narrative techniques like transmedia storytelling & Interactive documentaries.

Before that, I've worked as a photojournalist for more than 12 years for various world renowned photo agencies in France and the U.S. Among them were Laïf, Polaris images or Abaca. in France. I was covering politics, business, and entertainment, first as a local correspondent in the south of France and then as a foreign correspondent in New York City, NY. A career that provided me with a well-rounded understanding of how to bridge the gap between visual journalism, technology & storytelling.

More recently, I’ve been the lead author and co-director of “The Moneyocracy Project” a Transmedia documentary about Political Campaign Finance Laws in the U.S  published on “Lemonde.fr” in 2012 and available on Hulu.com. Later, my work on the interactive documentary "Grozny: 9 Cities" (published on Mediapart and Radio Free Europe) lead me to receive the 2014 Web Journalism Trophy at the prestigious Bayeux War Correspondent Festival.

Since 2010, I have been committed to sharing my passion for journalism, storytelling and new media. I've taught interactive storytelling and digital journalism courses in various schools. I now collaborate mainly with the Journalism school of Sciences Po Paris where I developed the "Interactive Journalism" workshop for the Master in Journalism and International Affairs. Prior to that I also worked with Sciences Po Annecy (Transmedia Master degree), the CFJ and CFPJ schools (Paris), INA (French National Institute of Audiovisual), the EJDG journalism school of the Stendhal University (in Grenoble) and at EMI-CFD Paris among others.

As side projects along these years, I also participated in the creation and launching of the professional mailing list for French photographers “EP France” (the counterpart of the English and the U.S EP letters cumulating so far 170 members). I was also part of the founding team of Haytham Pictures photo agency for which I've created the visual identity.
My spirit

“Don’t believe what your eyes are telling you. All they show is limitation. Look with your understanding. Find out what you already know and you will see the way to fly.”

– Richard Bach, Jonathan Livingston Seagull