mai 11, 2012


The 2012 Presidential election was the most costly ever in U.S. history. More than $6 billion have been spent by the Campaigns and independent groups to get their candidate elected.

    Open Project


    The rise of the United Corporations of America

    MONEYOCRACY is 90 minutes feature documentary. It analyses the major impact of the 2010 Citizens United vs. F.E.C ruling on the U.S democracy. The film focuses on the rise of Super PACs and their affiliated secret organizations – the 501c4s – and documents how these organizations influence the political debate and American voters during the 2012 presidential campaign and beyond through political advertising.

    Interactive Documentary

    ROOM 501C4

    ROOM 501C4 is an immersing and educative experience crafted around an interactive documentary (i-doc). In this i-doc, YOU – the “spectactor” – play a fictional character recruited by a secret organization who wants to support a candidate running for the Presidential election. Moving forward into the experience, you’ll have to decide how to market a fictional presidential candidate called Bill O’Maney and how to finance his campaign.



    This 10 minutes video remix is brought to you by
    Its purpose is to raise awareness on the ‘Citizens United v. FEC’ Supreme Court decision and its effects on the U.S democracy. Created in the perfect spirit of the Remix Manifesto, this experiment made with popcorn.js is the first attempt to create a rich video for the moneyocracy project.

    Good Night and good luck remix

    About the project

    Background story

    When we started to work on Moneyocracy, it was clear to us that the story was way much bigger than we could ever grasp with one single 90 minutes documentary. We wanted to make our visitors experience the ethical dilemmas and the hard choices a campaign manager has to face when it comes to money. That’s why we articulated this documentary in 3 different – but complementary – parts.
    When he was living in New York, Gerald – a 10 years experienced photojournalist – heard about the Citizens United v. FEC case. The 2010 Supreme Court decision allowing Super Pacs and 501c4 was a wake up call for him as he could foresee the potential devastating effect on the U.S democracy and the ripples effects that this could generate in the world.
    I’ve co-directed the documentary with Jean Nicholas Guillo. My work was to think about the planning, the interviews, the narrative line, the story we wanted to tell. I’ve also worked as a designer, making all the graphic design for the communication campaign (from the kickstarter campaign to the online promotion). I’ve thought and designed the interactive documentary (overall concept, UX, UI, game mechanics etc).