(English) i-docs.org, the essential for interactive documentaries

My interest in interactive documentaries has grown more than ever in the last couple of month.

At first it was a way to redefine my way of doing journalism, slowly it became a technological interest (I confess, I’m a geek). After a while, convergence of technologies and storytelling made me think of the experience. Not the lonely interaction that each of us can get when we visit a website, but the true & genuine interaction which goes both ways and creates a dialog between the “spectactor” and the author/creator.

Years ago, when the digital landscape was yet looking like the primitive earth, connection with the internaut was virtually impossible to create without spending an insane sum of money and the chances of succes was too little to be attractive for both creators and investors (whether they were from the public or the private sector).

Nowadays the whole picture has shifted from an isolated world to an interconnected world, opening new frontiers, new opportunities and new areas for studies, innovative thoughts and experimentations.

I-docs.org is one of the many places – but certainly the most promising – where you’ll find this incredible energy.
Note that the platform is only the tip of the iceberg! In fact Judith Aston & Sandra Gaudenzi who are behind the whole thing, have already managed to organise a symposium in Bristol last year. What was done last year is nothing compared to what will be done this year. Great keynote speakers are invited like for example Jigar Mehta (18 days in Egypt), Brett Gaylor (popcorn.js), the Submarine Channel, Kat Cizek (Highrise) and many more. I couldn’t encourage you more than to read the great contributions made on the blog and if you’re planning on a trip, you might wanna consider Bristol in March (22-23). Tickets here.

It is my profond belief that i-docs are made to deepen the understanding of a story by using the metaphoric language of an interface. I strongly believe that 5 or 10 years from now, interactive documentaries will be a natural part of our media landscape as movies & books are today. Anyone interested in that matter should definitively engage himself in that collective work, for the sake of the stories we share and the connections they create between people.


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