Driftless: Stories from Iowa (by Danny Wilcox Frazier) | Interactive documentary

The thriving Midwestern family farm is no longer, having been choked by industrialised agriculture and replanted with subdivisions. A shifting economy, combined with an old-fashioned lifestyle that doesn’t translate from generation to generation, is forever altering the landscape.

Danny Wilcox Frazier was born and raised in Iowa. He loves the place and worries over its lost way of life, even as he knows what it feels like to be a young man and want to leave. Carrying one camera and one lens, Frazier walks Iowa’s gravel roads, gets his feet wet in the milking barn, pulls up a stool in the small-town bar. Through black-and-white photographs, he makes a record of his own emotions as he travels through the state. What results is a complex portrait of a well-loved American landscape at a time of enormous cultural change.

Direct Link: www.mediastorm.com/driftless-stories-from-iowa


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